Land Rover (Defender) Camper

Land Rovers, which are now called Defenders, are probably the best vehicle ever designed for serious off-road expedition-type travel. Adding comfort in the form of a motorhome conversion that does not compromise the off-road capabilities of the Land Rover has been a goal of mine since 1962. I used to do extensive world traveling but not wanting to suffer too much, started applying my aerospace engineering skills to create a motorhome conversion for the Land Rover that would be the ultimate off-road motorhome. This website shows some of my Land Rovers and various equipments and conversion models that I developed.

The most recent vehicle shown features my last prototype. It was my plan to either begin production of that model for Land Rovers and, in a slightly modified version, for pickups and vans or sell the design to someone who would with my help. Unfortunately for me, I got too old too fast and so now passing my design on to someone else is my only option. Anyone who might be interested in such a venture is invited to telephone me (Doug Richardson) at 310-457-6400 or e-mail to

I also have one of the original Demolition-Bumpers and a few Land Rover parts I wish to sell. Later I will post a list and reorganize this website.  Two of my Land Rovers were featured in the Off-Road Magazine pictured below.  





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Here you see Doug's White Land Rover 110 in the foreground and one of his 109's in the background.  These pictures were

taken in Southern Mexico on Doug's last trip.  One of his friends owns the 109 now.


















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Some people only dream of camping anywhere they want, whenever they want.  For Doug Richardson this is not a dream itís reality.  Doug didnít always have the luxury of camping in the wilds whenever and wherever he wanted; instead he made the dream happen.

 After graduation in 1961 from the University of Illinois with a mechanical engineering degree, Doug moved to Southern California.  There the lure of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico and South America beckoned him.  Doug found himself taking frequent trips in VW vans and Chevy 4x4 trucks but he knew life could be better.  After looking at several vehicles, Doug purchased a used Land Rover 109 which he used as a platform to build a camper conversion that wouldnít sacrifice the vehicleís off-road capabilities.  Dougís approach was to remove the roof of the Land Rover and replace it with a frame that included bed panels and fold-out fabric side, end and top.  The original roof was hinged to the frame and fastened to the fabric to create the remaining side of a second-story sleeping room.  The bedís panels were removable to create standing room in the back of the Land Rover when the roof was open.  When the roof was closed, the original Land Rover profile increased only four inches and weight was increased by a mere 75 pounds.  A rudimentary camper interior followed.

 The first camper conversion was crated and shipped to England where it was fitted to a new Land Rover 109.  This Land Rover 109 was used on Dougís 1967 trip to Moscow, across the Sahara Desert and through Central America.  After returning to California Doug began the redesign of the conversion to expand on the original camperís convenience and comfort.

 In 1972 Doug began traveling as often as possible.  He made several trips to England to take delivery of:  - -

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